Cold-shrink terminations for indoor use 24 kV

Silicone rubber terminations with electric field control. For extruded cables up to 12/20 kV (Um 24 kV)

Cold-shrink technology is based on pre-dilated insulating sheaths on a removable spiral support, which is removed without tools during installation to allow for complete covering of the cable insulation. The Raytech silicone sheath, supplied pre-expanded, is flame retardant, is highly anti-tracking, has very high elastic characteristics, is able to maintain pressure on the cable during operation, is water-repellent and is extremely sturdy. Raytech terminations are suitable for indoor, very compact applications, with a smooth structure and complete with all components. Each kit contains 3 single core indoor terminations. The components  are cold-installed without tools, unwinding the pigtail wire.

  • Rapid installation for lower labour costs
  • Highly reliable and safe for operators
  • Installing without heating and without tools

Identification data of appropriate termination

Electrical performance:
CEI 20-24 • CEI 20-62/1 • HD 629-1
Ranges of application:
For single core cables type

• Extruded wire
• Extruded tube AL

For voltages from 6/10 kV (Umax 12 kV) to 12/20 kV (Umax 24 kV)
Test Report