Gasket Kit

Kit to produce rubber gaskets and profiles

Kit for the assembly of elastic washers, insulating gaskets and rubber profiles, UV resistant and anti-aging, with working temperature up to 200°C and 30 Shore A hardness, suitable for any electrical, plumbing, or sealing work. The articles produced are suitable for the sealing of outdoor lamps, for the sealing and insulation of screwed and bolted components, for any maintenance, replacement or shimming work. Easy to use, the liquid component is poured and the pieces are ready in minutes, at room temperature and with no exothermic reaction. Easily removed from the mould. Rapid cross-linking at room temperature (<15 min). Elevated dielectric, mechanical, elastic and thermal properties.

  • Safe, no shelf life, re-enterable
  • Low emission of smoke and toxic and corrosive gases
  • Flexible and elastic over time

• 1 mould for elastic washers, insulating gaskets and rubber profiles
• 2 bottles of two-component liquid rubber
Use directly on site, usable in all weather conditions, easy installation, easy separation from the moulds
Note: max thickness: 3 mm