Heat-shrink terminations for high voltage 72 kV

Kit contains a limited number of components with unlimited shelf life at normal storage conditions. Three basic kits cover all possible cable sections, with the advantage of keeping a reduced and effective stock. The lightness and limited volume of the kits facilitate their handling and transport. No special additional training is required. Simple installation for reliable results. Terminations are in compliance with international specifications (for example IEEE 48, IEC 840, SEN 241434, ESI 09-16, EdF HN-62/5448/2, KEMA S10, CEI 20.24) all included in internal certification testing. Currently available in 3 classes of HV terminations Uo/U=23/40 kV (U max 42 kV) Uo/U=26/45 kV (U max 52 kV) Uo/U=36/60 kV (U max 72 kV)