Magic Fluid

Insulating and sealing liquid in bags

Magic Fluid insulating and sealing gel, when cast in suitable casings, ensures an IP 68 degree of protection and is able to replace all types of resins. This is a self-sealing polymer insulation in a bicomponent bag with cold cross linking, with no shelf life. When the separator is removed, the two components mix to trigger the cross linking. Once poured,the insulation, characterised by very low viscosity, surrounds and envelopes any type of material, cross linking in less than 10 minutes. Completely non-toxic, cross linking with a very low isothermal peak that does not thermally stress the materials it comes into contact with. Re-enterable even after long periods of operation.

  • For high temperature applications!
  • Quick cross linking (only 10 minutes)
  • Re-enterable also after long working periods
  • Non-toxic and safe with no shelf life
  • Low viscosity

Gel: UL 94-HB
Dielectric strength:
>23 kV/mm
Cross linking time:
fast (about 10 min. at 23°C)
Volume resistivity:
>2 x 1015 Ω cm
Working temperature:
-60°C / +200°C
Overload temperature for short periods:
uo to 250°C
Stabilised for: mould – UV
Degree of protection:
IP68 (in proper casings)