Magic Gel Sprint

Magic Gel Sprint, the sealing and insulating filler for the protection of electrical connections, is formulated for an extra fast curing directly into the bottle. It combines the dielectric, sealant and thermal characteristics, that have made Magic Gel the most popular insulating filler for installers since 2005, with ease of use, with a focus on sustainability.

  • Non-toxic, safe and not classified as hazardous under CLP Directive.
  • Suitable for installation in salt water (sea) and in chlorinated water (pools).
  • For any type of indoor / outdoor and even submerged installation.
  • Even suitable for high depths under water.
  • For installations up to 1 kV.
  • Suitable for high temperatures.
  • Removable.
  • No shelf life.

Gel: UL 94-HB
Dielectric strength: >23 kV/mm
Cross linking time: fast (about 7 min. at 23°C)
Volume resistivity: >2 . 1015 Ω cm
Working temperature: -60°C / +200°C
Overload temperature for short periods: up to 250°C
Stabilised for: mould – UV
Degree of protection: IP68 (in proper casings)
Magic Gel Sprint protects against dust and seals the connections from the effects of continuous immersion in water when it is poured into enclosures protected from the ingress of solid bodies.