Metal pipe insulating mat protective barrier

FSCO T110 Metal pipe insulating mat protective barrier

The FSCO T110 barrier is made up a flexible and easily conformable, highly fire resistant insulating mat. It is clad with an aluminium sheet and protects insulated or noninsulated metal piping in wall crossings. The product is cut and modelled with ease, wrapped in a single layer around the pipe, and then closed with aluminised tape. Protects metal piping crossing walls or slabs, preventing longitudinal transmission of heat and fusion of any insulating material.

  • Composed of fibres free of any resins or organic binders
  • For wall thicknesses of at least 125 mm

Class EI 120
Non toxic and asbestos free

In compliance with standard
EN 1366-1 • EN 1366-3 • EN 1366-5