Mini Rapid Joint IP68

IP68 and IP69K joints for straight and branch connections, extremely compact and pre-filled with gel.

Extremely compact, ideal for lighting systems for gardens, steps and pedestrian crossings. Perfect for use in even small traps thanks to its very small overall dimensions. The cable glands supplied with the kit lock the joint on the cables.

  • Provided with 2 (straight joints) or 3 (branch joints) cable glands to avoid accidental cable traction
  • Complete with screw connectors
  • Pre-filled with non-toxic, non-classified gel
  • Extremely compact and ready to install
  • Always re-enterable
  • Halogen Free & UV resistant
  • Ideal for straight or branch connections in lighting systems for gardens, steps and stairways, pedestrian crossings, etc.

Electrical performance:
CEI EN 50393
as applicable
Gel: UL 94-HB
Casing mix: UL 94-V2
Operating temperature: 90°
Installation temperature: -40°C / +50°C
Fields of use:
Fully submersible
Can be used underground
Degree of protection:
IP68 (IMQ Officially Tested)
IP69K (Officially Tested)