Fast cross linking bicomponent silicone rubber with high mechanical, thermal and elastic characteristics

Ray-RTV cross links quickly at room temperature, transforming into a rubber with high mechanical, thermal and elastic characteristics. Available in single dose bags, bottles, tanks and boxes, in standard 30 Shore A hardness for black and 15 Shore A for pink. Fast cross linking (less than 8 minutes at 30°C) and easily re-enterable

  • Highly resistant, non-stick, insulating and sealing
  • No shelf life

Density: about 1.24 gr/cm3 (black) 1.05 gr/cm3 (pink)
Cross linking: (pot life) at + 30°C: <8 minutes
Viscosity: 4000-6000 max MPas
Elongation at break: 350 %
Tensile strength: 2,8 MPa
Operating temperature: -60°C / +200°C
Overload temperature: +250°C
Thermal conductivity: 0,2 W/m°K
Dielectric strength: >21 kV/mm
Volume resistivity: >1,5 x 10 exp 15 Ω cm