Single core cold-shrink single block joints 30 kv

Singleblock joints for extruded cables up to 18/30 kV (Um 36 kV)

Raytech joints for 30 kV (Umax 36 kV) voltage are singleblock type. They are characterised by a pre-assembled body, composed of an elastomeric sleeve containing side deflector electrodes and the central electrode inside (Faraday cage), on which the metal shield for cable shielding continuity and the external protection sheath are already set.

This allows for

  • Reduced overall size of the joint
  • Smaller dig size
  • Shorter installation times
  • Easier installation
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced possibility of error

The joints are suitable for all types of indoor, outdoor, underground and even submerged installation.

Identification data of appropriate junction

Electrical performance:
CEI 20-24 • CEI 20-62/1 • HD 629-1
Ranges of application:
For single core cables type

  • Extruded wire
  • Extruded tapes

For voltages from 6/10 kV (Umax 12 kV) to 12/20 kV (Umax 24 kV)

Test Report