Straight or branch heat-shrink joints for extruded insulation cables up to a 1 kV

Straight or branch heat-shrinkable joints for extruded insulation cables up to a 1 kV GDL Joint for single core cables including concentric neutral GLV Joint for multi core cables (also for submersible pumps) GLV-N Joint for multi core cables with concentric neutral GLV-ARM Joint for armoured multi core cables BOPA Joint for MV cables for public lighting DJ LV branch joint GLV F/R – GMP F/R Joint for fire resistant cables Raytech flame resistant joints are suitable for 0.6/1 kV cables both for power, and for signalling and control DJ F/R Branch joint for fire resistant cables Raytech joints DJ F/R are fire resistant joints suitable for 0.6/1 kV power cables GMP Joint kits for multi conductor cables for signalling, command and control GMC Joint kits for multi pair cables for communication, command or control

Electrical performance:
CEI EN 50393 • CEI 20-33
(with testing under water head and water between the cable cores)
No flame propagation:
CEI 20-35 • IEC 60332-1 HD405-1
(as applicable)
Operating temperature: 90°
Installation temperature: -15°C / +45°C