Wonder Gel

Single component insulating gels in cartridge to instantly protect new installations and oversee maintenance of all types of electrical connections

Installer’s best friends. Electrical connections, within empty enclosures, are exposed to the risk of short circuit, oxidation and corrosion, at times, resulting in irreparable damages. Without stress and no waiting around, WonderGel and WonderGel Invisible make your job easier, guaranteeing the protection and safety of systems in compliance to best practice rules to provide the highest quality solution, quick and perfect to get the satisfaction of both you and your clients.

  • Ready to use! No mixing required! Already cross-linked! No need to wait!
  • Resolve issues connected to incorrect insulation or sealing
  • Eliminate annoying out of service instances caused by moisture
  • Protect your systems from the penetration of insects
  • Protect your electrical connections from oxidation and corrosion
  • Italian Utility Model

• Single component gel which comes already cross-linked in a cartridge
• No mixing, no waiting time
• Visco-elastic gel which is extremely fluid
• Self-levelling and self-vulcanizing
• Can be applied using standard silicone ratchets
• Easy to measure
• Does not expire and does not harden
• Easy to apply even to inaccessible areas
• Characteristics do not deteriorate with the passing of time
• Re-enterable
• Non-toxic and safe
• Can be applied in all weather conditions, even when raining or in the heat of the summer sun
• Can be applied to powered appliances
• Dielectric strength > 23 kV/mm
• Volume resistivity > 2. 1015 Ω cm
• Operating temperature from –60 / +200°C
• Overload temperature for brief periods: 250°C
• Gel UL 94-HB